BITS is an oilfield and industrial equipment supplier. We aim to provide equipment at competitive prices with the best delivery terms for oil & gas companies, drilling contractors, service companies and refineries.

Our company has more than 23 years of working experience with Russia and CIS countries, which allows us to provide the best equipment at the best price with the best delivery rate for any project.

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About Us

Best Inter Tools Supply LTD, acting under the trading name BITS, was established in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; to supply oilfield and industrial equipment for oil & gas companies, and joint ventures internationally.

Our experienced team consists of professional petroleum engineers who are passionate about providing you with the best solution for any of your projects. We have set up representative centers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan for CIS countries and China for South East Asian Operations in order to meet the needs of our customers.


BITS aims to provide a simple philosophy behind its service:

  • The Best Equipment
  • The Best Price
  • The Best Delivery

Our Experience

BITS has over 23 years of working experience globally, which has allowed us to have successfully worked with a diverse range of projects for our customers. Additional knowledge of local traditions and customs in CIS countries and Western equipment manufacturers allows us to provide an exceptional procurement service.

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